GlendaRussell-YellowSceneWelcome. I’m Glenda Russell. I’m a licensed psychologist with over 30 years’ experience as a therapist, most of it in Boulder. In addition to my private practice, I’ve also worked as a therapist in a university counseling center and in a major teaching hospital, both of which provided me with a wider perspective than a private practice alone might afford. I’ve also served as a supervisor for therapists in training and as a consultant to practicing therapists.

I view therapy as a shared journey, a process of co-creation. Because this process always depends on the experiences that a client brings to therapy, it is impossible to identify any fixed set of methods or single theoretical approach that I routinely employ. Instead, I see therapy as an evolving undertaking, always shaped by the nature of the issues that arise and the experiences of the people involved. To this journey, I bring a broad background in psychology, several decades of clinical experience, genuine curiosity about people, and a trust in the therapeutic process. Each client, in turn, brings a lifetime of unique experiences, struggles, and resilience. The “journey” of therapy begins at the intersection of these two lives, and the path forward is created by both of us, together.

In addition to bringing this perspective to the usual therapeutic process, I also consult with people who are working through major transitions in their educational and career trajectories. To this end, I have worked with many master’s and doctoral students who sought guidance in completing their thesis or dissertation, addressing issues such as setting realistic goals, structuring time well, and working effectively with committee members and advisers.

I have also worked with people who are entering the work force, considering career changes, or approaching retirement. To support our exploration of these transitions, I have used the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), perhaps the best-known aid to career choice. I begin this process with the same assumptions as I bring to therapy, namely that the client arrives with unique strengths and distinctive needs and that together, we can sort out a positive path forward. For more information on the SII and the scope of information it can provide, please visit the SII page.

To learn more about my background and my work, click here. To see my full vita, click here.


Photo credit: Nate Pulley, Yellow Scene