In addition to my training as a therapist, I also pursued education in organization development, organizational theory, and planned group change. This background, combined with my broad interests in psychology, has proven extremely valuable in my role as a consultant to professional and community groups. As a result, I have had the opportunity to work as a consultant and trainer across a variety of issues and topics. I have also worked with a range of groups – formal and informal, in institutional and community settings, large groups and small, groups with specific tasks ahead and groups with more amorphous goals. I find this work challenging and satisfying, and the process regularly stretches me along with the groups I’m working with.

Here is a representative sample of my consultation and training work:

  • Montrose Center, Legacy Community Health, and ACLU of Houston, TX
  •  Psychology interns, Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado  Denver
  • Unitarian Universalist Church, Boulder, CO
  • Campus-wide “Diversity Dialogues,” University of Virginia
  • Counseling Center, Illinois State University
  • Child Care Center, National Institute of Standards, Boulder
  •  Department of Clinical Psychology, University of North Carolina 
  •  Faculty,  staff, and student groups, University of Colorado, Boulder
  •  Harvard School of Public Health
  •  Department of Counseling and School Psychology, U Mass, Boston
  •  Division 44, American Psychological Association
  •  Nursing Staff, Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, Keene, NH
  •  Constituency Development Program, NARAL (National), Washington, DC 
  •  National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Francisco
  •  Blue Sky Bridge, Child and Family Advocacy Program, Boulder
  •  Metropolitan State University of Denver, Office of LGBT Student Services
  •  Boulder Valley Schools, Safe Schools Initiative
  •  Boulder County Women’s Resource Center
  •  City of Boulder Office of Human Rights
  •  Boulder Police Department
  •  Boulder County District Attorney’s Office
  •  MESA: Moving to End Sexual Assault (formerly Boulder County Rape  Crisis Team)
  •  City of Boulder Victim Advocates
  •  University of Denver School of Social Work
  •  Boulder County Health Department
  •  United Church of Christ (Longmont, CO) Lay-Clergy Program
  •  Colorado School Mediation Project
  •  Colorado Human Rights Summit
  •  Boulder County Mental Health Center
  •  Hewlitt Packard “Out in the Workplace” program

You can see my complete vita here.