document_stackFor most of my career, I have engaged in psychological research on a range of topics, mostly having to do with the relationship between individuals and social systems. My work has been characterized by a variety of methodologies and has often been collaborative, involving work with colleagues and with students. Both the topics of my research and the methods I employ reflect my interest in the intersection of the personal and the social dimensions of human experience. Some of this research has led to presentations at professional conferences and to publications. Some has become the basis for community consultation. Some has even served as the basis for media and cultural productions. In one way or another, all of it has informed my clinical work and training.

Below is a sample of some of my work that has appeared in print or has been presented at professional conferences.

You can see my complete vita here.

Selected publications

Russell, G. M., & Hawkey, C. G. (2016). Context, stigma, and therapeutic practice. In K. Debord, K. Bieschke, A. R. Fisher, & T. Perez (Eds.), The handbook of sexual orientation and gender diversity in counseling and psychotherapy (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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Russell, G. M. (1996). Internalized classism: The role of class in the development of self. Women and Therapy, 18 (3/4), pp. 59-71. Reprinted in M. Hill & E.D. Rothblum (Eds.), Classism and feminist therapy: Counting costs (pp. 59-71). Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.

Russell, G. M. (1989). Hospice programs and the hospice movement: An analysis based on general systems theory. Hospice Journal, 5(3/4), 23-49.

Epstein, S. R., Russell, G. M., & Silvern, L. (1988). Structure and ideology of shelters for battered women. American Journal of Community Psychology, 16, 345-367.

Selected presentations

Russell, G. M., & Matic, D. (2015, August). How do I go back? Counseling international students who face stigma upon their return home. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Toronto, ON, CA.

Russell, G. M., & Iglesias, A. (2015, March). Diversity training and multicultural competence: Moving from shame and blame to real change. Guided discussion presented at annual meetings of the Association for Women in Psychology, San Francisco, CA.

Iglesias, A., & Russell, G. M. (2014, October). The implicit attitudes model as an avenue toward social justice. Workshop presented at the 6th Biennial Conference of the National Latino Psychological Association, Albuquerque, NM.

Russell, G. M. (2014, September). Feminists resisting rape resistance. Paper presented at the Nag’s Heart Conference, Windsor, ON, CA.

Russell, G. M., Iglesias, A., & Raforth, K. R. (2014, November). Implicit attitudes: Applications for college and university settings. Invited workshop presented at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston.

Russell, G. M., & Iglesias, A. (2014, January). Implicit attitudes: Applications from training to practice. Invited workshop presented at the Department of Counseling and School Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Russell, G. M. (2013, October). Ready or not, here they come! Keynote address, University of Colorado System-wide Symposium, Creating Equity for the LGBT Community in Higher Education. Denver, CO.

Russell, G. M. (2010, January). Classism. Invited workshop presented at meetings of the Executive Committee, APA Division 44, Washington, DC

Russell, G. M. (2009, August). Racism and homophobia: Commonalities and contradictions. Paper presented in R. Toporek & J. Simioni (Chairs), How do margins intersect? Ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender. Symposium presented at annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Toronto, Quebec, Canada.

Russell, G. M. (2007, August). Qualitative research and psychological practice: Epistemological linkages. In K. J. Gergen (Chair), Horizons in qualitative research: Participation, performance, and power. Symposium presented at convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Russell, G. M., McCarroll, M. & Bohan, J. S. (2007, March). When feminists resist self-defense: Traditional gender roles or feminist ideology? In J. Cermele (Chair), Duality and identity in women’s resistance to sexual assault. Symposium presented at the conference of the Association for Women in Psychology, San Francisco, CA.

Bohan, J. S., & Russell, G. M. (2006, August). When “difference” disguises power: The case of sexual orientation. In J. Marecek (chair), Making a difference: A symposium in honor of Rachel Hare-Mustin. Presidential symposium presented at conference of the American Psychological Association, New Orleans, LA.

Russell, G. M. (2006, April). Civil rights on the ballot: Costs to individuals and communities. Invited address presented at Carleton College, Northfield, MN.

Russell, G. M., & Bohan, J. S. (2005, May). Psychology and public policy: Taking it to the streets. Invited address, Union College, Schenectady, NY.

Russell, G. M., & Bohan, J. S. (2003, August). Gay youth: Lessons for social change: An ethnographic study. In J. Hollister (Chair), Ethnography and sexuality. Symposium presented at meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Atlanta, GA.

Russell, G. M. (2003, August). Victims in the news media: The church abuse scandal. In Hare-Mustin (Chair), Narratives about victims: Studies from three domains. Symposium presented at American Psychological Association, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Russell, G. M. (2003, July). Invited address: Sexual abuse in the Catholic church: What it means to the rest of us. Conference of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children. Orlando, FL.

Russell, G. M., & Bohan, J. S. (2002, August). Melting identity categories: The potential for dialogic transformation. In K. J. Gergen (Chair), September 11 – The challenge of transformational dialogue. Symposium presented at the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Russell, G. M., & Fraser, K. L. (2001, March). Consensus coding: A feminist approach to qualitative data analysis. In A. Fuehrer (chair), Feminist research methods: Moving beyond dualisms. Symposium conducted at conference of the Association for Women in Psychology, Los Angeles, CA.

Russell, G. M. (1996, June). Research as documentary: A study of heterosexual allies. Symposium presented at convention of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Ann Arbor, MI.

Russell, G. M., & Wahl, D. S. (1993, February). Transference and countertransference in the treatment of gay, lesbian, and bisexual patients: Perspectives from two different orientations. Papers presented at conference on Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Individuals, Wheatridge, CO.

For a full list of my publications and presentations, you can see my vita here.