More about Glenda

GR Sept 2011(3)My practice has always been very diverse. I see clients ranging in age from the mid-teens through late adulthood, and I employ a range of theoretical and therapeutic approaches. I have wide experience with a variety of presenting problems, and I have developed skills in both short-term, strategic approaches and more open-ended depth therapy.

My formal educational background includes a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado and an internship at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA Health Sciences Center. I am also listed in the National Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology. But my education did not end when I received my degree. My enjoyment of learning and my curiosity about the intersection between people and their worlds have kept me very involved in continuing professional education. I have attended numerous courses, workshops, and conferences and have also contributed through my own research and teaching to the further development of psychological knowledge.

In addition, I have taught a wide variety of courses to psychologists in training at institutions in Colorado and elsewhere. This experience not only provided a means for me to pass on my own knowledge and experience but also has kept me in close touch with new developments in the field.

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