Blogs, Op Eds, etc.

Occasionally, I write blogs, op eds, or other short pieces about topics I’m particularly interested in; sometimes, these appear in the newspaper or as blogs for community groups. Some of these writings are relevant to the issues I address in therapy, teaching, consultation, and/or research. Below is a sample of these. They change over time, so check back and see what’s new.

This guest column was written in the wake of the November 2016 presidential election, when many people were feeling overwhelmed by the implications of the outcome of the presidential election. The article provides information about the meaning of how people might react to such an event and tools to help people get through the difficult initial reactions and move forward in positive ways that nurture them and their communities.

This op ed piece was written shortly after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. In the media storm that followed, discussions of the possibility that immigrants might have been involved were interlaced with political assertions that pending immigration reform should be reconsidered in the light of this event. This piece challenges readers to consider how their own assumptions might have influenced their response to this event and to the stories that unfolded around it.

On November 6, 2012, in addition to many other things on the ballot, LGBTQ rights were before the voters in four states. We had never won when our rights had been put to a vote. Until now. On this day, LGBT rights won in all four states. This blog talks about the remarkable change this reveals and what it means for the movement.

This piece discusses California’s Proposition 8, which rescinded the right to marriage equality previously granted by California’s Supreme Court, and its relationship to Colorado’s Amendment 2 two decades earlier.

This short tribute to a remarkable man highlights the importance of his message: “He knew – and taught us – that all struggles for liberation are intertwined.”

This column was written following news reports about several robberies in the local community, all of which seemed to have been committed by the same person. The article invites readers to consider which parts of the description of the perpetrator seem most salient and to consider why those traits and not others hold such sway in our understandings of events. Implications for our personal  lives and for larger social issues are also considered.

This blog celebrates the historical backdrop for a revived community gathering: the “barn dance.” Early in the history of the contemporary LGBT rights movement, the local barn dance offered an alternative to the bars as a place to build community.

This article was written during a period in late 2010 when media reports highlighted a number of suicides among LGBT youths. It argues that the stressors faced by LGBT people are grounded not in sexual orientation but in homophobia. While recognizing the importance of the particular difficulties of LGBT youths, the article stresses the importance of attending to the strengths and resilience of most LGBT youths.